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Each episode covers a different true crime story and uses astrology to understand the criminal’s motivations and behaviors. Episodes are released every-other week.

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UC360 is under construction! We’ve wrapped up our pilot season and are excited to be working on our official launch. Thank you to everyone who supported us in beginning this project. Our new season will be different…in a good way! We’re excited to share our plan with you, but for now, we’re keeping it a secret. Check back in a couple weeks for info about when we’ll be back!

Recent Releases

Pilot 7: Closing Time

Laura and Andrew make an announcement about the future of UC360. Topics covered:

  • Announcement!
  • Venus Retrograde
  • Celebrity Insights

Released 4/19/2020

Pilot 6: The Undertow

Laura and Andrew discuss the quarantine and creativity. Topics covered:

  • Expectations of quarantine vs. reality
  • Manifestation

Released 4/5/2020

Pilot 5: Quarantine Dreamz

Laura and Andrew discuss recent dreams and their potential meanings. Topics covered:

  • Recent dreams
  • Dream meanings
  • Tarot pull

Released 3/22/2020

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