About the Founders

Hello, and welcome to the UC360 blog!  We are Laura and Andrew, co-founders of Universal Conjunction, and we are so excited to represent our brand by sharing our thoughts on astrology, magick and spirituality with you.

A little background on us: we’re two old friends who’ve reconnected after a long time apart.  Like most friends who’ve known each other since childhood, our story is complicated.  We’ll spare you most of the hairy details, but here’s the important stuff:

We met at sleep away camp while we were in middle school. As you can imagine, that was a pretty awkward time. Laura was in the middle of a goth phase, and Andrew might as well have been the poster child for American Eagle. Naturally, most pictures from that time period have been destroyed, but here’s one gem that somehow survived the purge:

Andrew, in true Gemini moon fashion, changed his hair color frequently and made lots of eclectic friends at camp. Laura, although not the most social, managed to con Andrew into spending time with her. Over the next few years, we shared a lot of firsts together…Like our first time eating an entire cheesecake in one sitting. And our first sneaky trip to a parent’s liquor cabinet (did you know dissolving Jolly Ranchers in a bottle of Bacardi doesn’t change the taste?).

And then something happened.  A mutual friend with malicious motives broke us up.  We tried to patch things up, but for almost a decade, things weren’t the same.  We went on to build separate lives.  We moved to different states and started careers.  We struggled with addictions, anxieties, and heartaches, but also celebrated some pretty important milestones.  In other words, life went on for us both.  

Sometimes friendships end unexpectedly and a long, important life chapter closes.  Maybe this is necessary for optimal growth.  We believe we’ve accomplished the missions that we were supposed to handle separately, and now we can open a new chapter in which we share what we’ve learned with each other.  

It took a lot of energy for our mutual friend to break us up all those years ago, but all it took to pick up where we left off was the right timing and a simple text message. It turns out that after all those years of following different paths, we wound up at the same pit stop on our journey. We both found astrology, magick, and the same brand of spirituality, which have brought new life to our friendship.

We’re coming together now with a three-part mission: to refuel our friendship, learn together, and share our findings and perspectives with like-minded listeners/readers.  We are so glad to have you with us on this adventure, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us!

Thank you for sharing this road with us!

❤ Laura and Andrew

P.S. Although we’d like to think we’re better looking and more fashionable now, we know that some things never change.

One thought on “About the Founders

  1. You two are soooo beautiful. And you diary here is very well written. I will be a regular here, and welcome your ideas regarding how I might help spread the word (it’s called “marketing” in my neck of the woods!). Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

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